5. srpna 2018 v 1:09 |  náhle inšpirácie
For a fleeting moment
it was there
The spark I could never resist
'You're not going home'
He said
And I didn't

For longer than two years
It's been there
The unspoken love
Never mentioned, never implied
And yet
I trust him to catch me
If I ever fall

For 10 months
It's been there
The great love
That makes you sacrifice your own ideals
For a better life together

What could I do with all the love
What can I still
Where do I go
From here

The fight

15. května 2018 v 2:23 |  náhle inšpirácie
It's sitting there
Right at the edge of my mind
If I look, it hides from view
But out of the corner of my eye
I can always see it
Lurking there
The good news is
In a few hours
It will stop playing
And attack
In full strength, no rules
Violence welcome
Teeth, claws, kicks, punches
The bad news is
There will be no going back

From tomorrow onwards
I'm alone


6. května 2018 v 2:36 |  love you?
You'll never be happy
Without me
Don't know how I know
But I feel certain
Out of a sudden

I'm not sure even I
Can make you happy
But I'd be willing to try
When the time comes
When you've enjoyed
What you think you lack

But without me
You're going to find someone boring
And settle down into a life
Without excitement
Without spark

And you'll be a dutiful husband
And a pleasant colleague
But never the full brilliant you
I know so well

Let me save you
When the time comes


5. května 2018 v 4:22 |  love you?
Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away
There lived a princess, who, in her time, made many mistakes
Learned to sacrifice everything for her ambitions
And got quite far before she met the prince

The prince was gorgeous
So handsome she couldn't get enough of looking at him
So funny she couldn't stop laughing most of the time
So smart he partly understood her
But, most importantly, he could make the princess happy

By the time the two realised their eternal happiness lays in each other's arms
The princess had a plane ticket to Switzerland
And the prince was going to live in Glasgow

So they pretended nothing was about to happen
And laughed, walked the blooming spring gardens
Watched movies, smoked, told each other everything
Looked into each other's eyes until the world disappeared
And secretly dreaded the moment that had to come

In the end, the princess got what she deserved
And gave up the prince in the hope he'll find love somewhere else
While she suffered the consequences of the burnt ground
She left behind her everywhere she walked
And was left with the hope the prince never really forgets about her
Untamable, brilliant, beautiful, young and free

And they lived happily ever after

The pain in you

2. května 2018 v 1:36 |  love you?
It grieves me so to see you in such pain

Human mind is such a fragile ball of thin strings
And if I don't thread carfully
I might step on you and break a piece
Without realising

But I feel I've done great
Untagled a few knots
Didn't press the fragile parts
Pushed the ones that needed pushing

I wish I coud have done more
Than just gently avoidiing topics
Pretending I didn't notice a few hints
And smiling sadly when I couldn't pretend

But I hope it helped anyway

Kam dál